Lemon juice and dogs.

Lemon’s are without a doubt one of the best super foods. A lemons benefit to humans is, as we all know incredible, however they also have massive benefits to dogs and in some cases can be life saving!

Over the years I have used lemons for many dogs both as a health supplement, training and 7 years ago they saved my best friend!


Dog’s really don’t like the smell of lemon’s and given a choice a dog will avoid lemon as much as they can. Knowing this fact made it easy to link lemon to stop poo eating! At some point you will encounter your dog eating its own poo. There can be many reasons for this change in behaviour and it’s always best to get a check over with a vet to eliminate any health issues. In the meantime you can pour lemon juice over the poo and this should deter the dog from eating the poo. Its also common sense to pick the poo up as soon as you see them go.


Leaving a full lemon sliced up into a pint of nearly boiled water is a great aid in keeping the pesky parasites at bay! I regulary rinse my dogs with this solution. Not only does it help with keeping fleas at bay it also helps my Rio with bite irriation. I leave the solution to stew over night before bath day.


Yes I do!!! oh the joys. My boy is without a doubt a mud monster! He can find mud, green slime, pollen, infact you name it, if it stains he’s in there head first doing his circus act! It drives me mad ha! Anyway I have found that making a paste with equal parts lemon juice and baking soda, then rubbing the paste into him and leaving it for a few mins brings him back white and smelling great! I would not recommend leaving the paste on for more than 5 mins and I also always do this last thing at bath time so that he just gets rinsed and sparkles. Please avoid all contact with the dogs eyes and ears whilst using this too.


Brachycephalic breeds, i.e short nosed or flat faced dog are more at risk of over heating than any other breed. In breeding for looks we have created a breed that struggles to breath. I have a brachycephalic breed and once had to save her life, I am just so glad I had read an article on this prior. If you are a dog owner, dog walker, pet sitter, taxi for dogs, you work in any sort of way with them I suggest you buy a bottle of jiff lemon jucie and keep it with you at all times. We carry a bottle in our van and have done since we first opened the business 5 years ago. What happens is when a dog starts to over heat they start panting uncontrollably. This panting creates a sticky foam that starts to build up in the throat of the dog. Dogs struggle to clear this which results in the airways becoming blocked. The lemon jucie starts to dissolve the sticky foam in the dogs throat, simply squirt the juice into the back of the dogs throat. This paired with using ice cubes and cooled water over the neck and body of the dog will stop a dog dying from over heating

So there you have a few very valuable useful uses for the old lemon.

I would also like to apologise for my absence over the summer. I decided this year that I was going to have the summer with my boys and fur kids. We are back full time now and the blogs and shop will be updated weekly. I have a lot to talk about and a lot of useful hints and tips to be added to the blog.

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