Garlic the most controversial topic regarding dog’s and cats.

So exactly what is toxic?

The main compound which is toxic to the dog is ‘Propyldisulfide’ this compound is found in both garlic and onions. Which makes sense as seens as they are both from the same family. However studies show that propyldisulfide is greater in the onion than is in the garlic bulb.

The effects?

Propyldisulfide can cause G I irritation and possible red blood cell damage. This can be quite serious as the body rejects the red blood cells. Garlic does have to be fed in extremely large amounts on a regular basis for the above to be triggered. There has been studies carried out to test if garlic is toxic to dogs. One test I studied at university, was a study done in 2000 at Hokkaido university. In which 4 dogs were fed 1.25ml of garlic extract per kg of body weight for 7 days. The results were that even with the ridiculous amounts of garlic given, none of the 4 dogs showed any signs of toxicity. The study did effect the red blood cells but not one dog developed anemia.

What are the benefits of feeding garlic?

There are huge benefits to feeding raw organic garlic to your dog. I personally believe that garlic is one of the superfoods in a dogs diet. I feed my own dogs garlic and have done for many years now, with zero side effects. The dosage I feed my dogs goes off a table by Dr Pitcairn’s in his book ‘natural health for dog’s and cats’

The health benefits of garlic are amazing. Garlic is a natural flea deterrent. Fleas hate the smell and taste of garlic in the dogs blood stream so will vacate the host very quickly. Garlic is super at fighting bacterial/viral/and fungal infections. Garlic has Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and magnesium benefits, natural immune booster and can improve cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart related diseases. Garlic also has antioxidants that help with brain and bone health.

Who can’t have garlic?

It is advised that dogs who have anemia should not be given garlic. Lupus sufferers should also avoid garlic. Puppies under 12 weeks should definitely avoid garlic at all costs!! This is because they do not start reproducing red blood cells until they are around 6-8 weeks old.

Dosage chart.

toy breeds 10-15lb…………….1/2 clove

Small 16-35lb…………………….1 clove

Medium 36-60lb…………………2 cloves

Large 61-90lb……………………..2 1/2 cloves

Giant 90-plus lb…………………..3 cloves.

I give my dogs garlic every other week. This means we have 7 days on and 7 days off.

As with starting anything new, its advisable to take things very slowly and always seek advise from your vet first before you start. I use an holistic vet with my dogs and have full support of my vet team.

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